KAGE Data Solutions Advanced – Enhanced Query Control and Templates

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The Excel AI Integration Tool: Basic offers seamless integration of ChatGPT and Claude AI into your Excel workflow, allowing for powerful multi-query processing and prompt construction advantages, making this an invaluable asset for professionals seeking to leverage AI capabilities within their Excel environment.

• One Time Payment
• Multi-Query Loader (up to 500)
• Prompt Construction Matrix
• Basic Error Handling and Status Updates
• Lifetime Update and Support
• Query Templates for Common Use Cases
• Adjustable API Parameters
• Logging of Successful Queries

Instant Download After Purchase

  • Immediate Access After Payment
  • Lifetime Updates and Support
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One Time Payment

Our service is clear – one time payment and the tool is yours. No subscriptions. Use your own pay-per-use API accounts and get the best rates possible directly from the AI services providers such as ChatGPT or Claude AI.

excel AI chatgpt claude AI one time payment computer

excel AI API multi query loader


Multi-Query Loader

Forget copy pasting same prompt for 100 different products or 100 sentences to be translated. Copy paste everything into the rows and run AI queries simultaneously.


Prompt Construction Matrix

Using Prompt Construction Matrix enables you to create nested, formula and rule based prompts for hundreds of AI queries at once.

excel AI chatgpt claude AI prompt construction matrix

excel AI chatgpt claude AI error handling excel


Basic Error Handling and Status Updates

By incorporating robust Basic Error Handling and Status Updates, your Excel AI Integration Tool becomes not just a powerful AI interface, but a reliable, user-friendly, and professional-grade solution that users can depend on for their AI-driven workflows.


Customizable API Settings (Advanced version)

Fine-tune AI parameters to suit your specific needs and optimize performance.

chatgpt api parameters

AI chatgpt claude writing articles tool


Content Generation (Pro version)

The Pro version includes a comprehensive set of ready-to-use prompt templates and an automated workflow for generating SEO-optimized articles, providing website owners with a powerful tool to boost search engine rankings and efficiently create high-quality content.

Article writing in our tool does not create typical AI articles. The prompts are polished, including extensive do not use words lists, self review and improve logic flows etc.

Lifetime Update and Support

  • Comprehensive documentation and user guides
  • Video tutorials for quick start and advanced features
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest AI services
excel AI chatgpt claude AI kagedatasolutions update and support


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